Monday, July 28, 2008

Snooze News You Can Use: Kuku Klok

Much to the dismay of educators and students everywhere who've grown accustomed to staying up late, school is about to begin. That means it's time to start getting up early again. *Yawn* For those die hard night owls who're prone to falling asleep over a laptop, there's a useful online tool designed to rouse even the heaviest sleeper from the most indolent slumber. Swiss made Kuku Klok is an online alarm clock that's designed to wake anyone up. With a choice of four alarm sounds--cockerel, classic alarm clock, electronic beep, and slayer guitar--all sleepy heads inthe vincinty will be alert in seconds. Worried that a disruption in internet service might pull the plug on this 21st Century rooster? Don't fret. Once this resource is loaded, the alarm will work even if a user's internet connection goes kaput!

Kuku Klok is also be helpful for those who have no trouble getting up in the morning. This web-accessible clock is perfect for educators who want to remind students when it's time to move along from one learning station to another. As a free, auditory prompt, Kuku Klok is worth crowing about.

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