Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sand Sans Sand

Whether you teach Art or Geology, you'll find worth a visit. It's a site that is artistically cerebral. Why? It allows visitors to engage in cyber-sand painting. Don't be surprised if all you see is an apparent blank, grey screen when you visit the site. Just press and hold your left-mouse button for a little while and watch what happens. Click on the tiny square in the upper left-hand corner and access these instructions:

A glimpse at the gallery that accompanies the site is likely to whet anyone's appetite for playing with this intriguing tool for self-expression. How could this site be used in a classroom? Teachers and students studying Art could combine with a traditional lesson related to sand painting, thereby allowing learners to demonstrate synthesis (from Dr. Benjamin Bloom's well-known Taxonomy of Educational Objectives) in a surprising pleasing manner.

For pupils in a Science or Social Studies classroom, would be useful for exploring sedimentary rocks, earth science, geology and similar topics. Paired with Landcraft and other resources, would wow students and open up a rich discussion about how the face of our planet is changed by natural forces.

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Pattie said...

Jeff - Thisisland is awesome!!! I have played around with it and can totally see my kindergarten and third graders doing sand art projects with their Native American units! I have played around with the site and made some impressive pictures. I can't wait to try it out with the kids!!! Pattie Morton