Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NECC 2008: From Trash to Treasure...Dell's Techknow Program

At one time, Dell implemented an innovative approach to dealing with its old PCs. It was a shrewd and elegant decision. With Dell's assistance, some schools took older Dell PCs that might have otherwise been heading toward surplus warehouses or junkyards and did something extremely creative. The schools turned the clunker computers over to middle school (and in some cases, elementary) pupils. What was the catch? Simple: if the students properly refurbished the old computers they got to keep them. Dell's taking a new approach at this point. The company is focusing its efforts on convincing older students (i.e., high school pupils) to get involved in a similar effort. Check out the details at the following site: Dell Techknow 2.0.

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elona Hartjes said...

The tech Techknow program would be great. We had some old computers given to our school but no official support for them so you can imagine what happened. The irony of it all is we didn't get the new computers other schools got had because we already had computers-these old computers. :)