Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Saving Face in Language Arts

Does the following scenario sound familiar? Imagine a classroom with an educator who wants to encourage learners to explore and experience literature. The teacher in this classroom wants to help developing readers successfully envision the characters that populate a good story or novel. Despite good intentions, the students in the class are less than enthused by the prospect of mentally constructing the attributes of the characters defined by the text being read in class. Thankfully, there's a nifty, web-based resource for Language Arts teachers who're looking for a means of engaging pupils while simultaneously checking for understanding.

Ultimate Flash Face
allows users to construct faces in a manner similar to law enforcement departments that employ skilled artists to compile sketches of crime suspects. Readers who are able to comprehend details about literary characters should be able to create a portrait of these individuals. By encouraging pupils to use Ultimate Flash Face, Language Arts teachers have a free, simple, and high-interest means of assessing students' abilities to visualize details about characters in a story.

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