Thursday, August 21, 2008

(High)Lighten Up!

Yes, yes, I know: my postings here have been less than consistent. I apologize for that. Allow me to make up for my laxness by suggesting a resource that dedicated teachers and students will appreciate. It's called the Awesome Highlighter. It's such a wonderful resource. Why? Allow me to demonstrate.

I've got a friend who is teaching a lesson on a state of matter known as plasma. She wants her pupils to read a webpage in order to gain a better understanding of the concept. My friend wants to help her students make the most efficient use of their time. She also wants to use technology to modify instruction for special needs students. Recently, I taught her how to use the Awesome Highlighter. My pal now uses the Awesome Highlighter to accent the most salient facts on sites her class will visit. By doing so, she's able to focus her learners' attention on important details. She can show them the essence of a concept's that buried with the context of a webpage.

Case in point: My friend wants her students to read the text in a site about plasma. Look at the page BEFORE she highlighted the important information.

Now look at the webpage after it has been highlighted.

Which version will most useful to her pupils? For students who need a nudge in the right direction, this resource helps the learner immediately attend important text. I think the Awesome Highlighter could be monumentally helpful to both teachers and students. Check it out for yourself!

Here's what my highlighted post looks like:


Anonymous said...
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hooande said...

Hey Jeff,

This is Joel from Awesome Highlighter. Glad you liked the product, let me know if you need anything in the future.