Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning in a Flash: Quizlet

Teachers who employ flashcards as part of their instruction may want to make use of Quizlet. It’s a FREE, simple, tech-driven way to go beyond the confines of ordinary flash cards. Without costing a dime, Quizlet allows users to...
  • work with randomly generated vocabulary quizzes and collaboration tools
  • keep track of the words they know (only retesting them on the ones they don’t know so well)
  • share their lists of vocabulary terms with classmates and get notified by email when others make new lists for them
  • import words from a file without having to retype them and
  • use quizzes that have been created by other teachers (what a time-saver!)

Even better is the fact that terms can be tagged as well as linked to This makes Quizlet a nifty alternative to traditional flash cards. Quizlet also promotes collaboration among students and teachers.

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