Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seeing What Makes Politics Tick

I know it's going to be an interesting day.

For starters, I'm attending and presenting at GAETC 2008. When I'm not visiting with old friends and doing a little networking today, I'll be earnestly conducting a session where the participants explore tech resources designed to help students visualize instructional concepts. Preparing for the session (and another centered on digital video-editing) has consumed most of time during the last few weeks. I want the attendees to leave with new and useful ideas about how they can make learning more engaging, efficient, and effective.

In the midst of all this conference excitement there's a presidential election in progress. I'm so glad I voted early. That said, I'll probably be visiting Election 2008 powered by Twitter as well as the following sites:
Related links:
  • The internet offers politically-minded individuals many opportunities to critically examine the demographic forces in play that may be influencing decision-making. Dropping by a site such as Census.gov allows informed and novice voters to explore population statistics that bring context to political debates
  • Presidential Watch 08 is a site that generates a map of the political blogosphere.
  • For the curious, digitized voting guides via TheBallot.org. If the offerings housed at the site are found wanting, users may apply for an account and create their own.
  • Sponsored by the League of Women Voters Education Fund, the site known as Vote411 provides all manner of facts regarding voting in the United States of America and worth visiting.
  • Since it's a pretty good bet that money plays such a major role in politics , the information at OpenSecrets should be required reading for voters.


Joe said...

I was lost for most of the last week like many Americans. I was not really sure how I would cast my vote until I drove to the polls. I don't take my duty lightly, and I have gone back and forth for many weeks. Having said that, no matter who my next President is, I will support him, and trust the wisdom of the American electorate. The system ain't perfect, but I sure am glad I had an opportuity to see it in action. God bless America and the new President.

Jeff Giddens said...


I agree. We're all Americans. I hope our fellow citizens will roll up their sleeves and do what Americans do best, work together. Let's make and keep our Nation a beacon of Liberty and Hope for any and all who want a better way of life.