Friday, October 31, 2008

Range of the Strange

It’s Halloween, the perfect time for spooky things. Make the most of the day and tap into the potential of perplexing peculiarities. Have learners do some higher level thinking by exploring intriguing topics. Consider using this spooky day to help learners integrate technology in the pursuit of answers to mysterious topics. Here are a few web-based resources guaranteed to exercise the imagination and leave students just a little unsettled.

Exotic creatures have always been a source of mystery. Loren Coleman, world-renowned cryptozoologist, has an eerily informative approach to tracking elusive organisms of all kinds. He reminds all of us to keep an open-mind. Loren contributes to Cryptomundo and writes thoroughly fascinating books about creatures that may or may not exist.

The very planet we inhabit is a source of awe and wonder. Even though Google Earth now makes scanning the globe considerably easier, the world retains many mysterious places that are sure to keep curious minds occupied. For example, take a look around and be fascinated with the Unexplained Earth.

Mysterious disappearances also engage eager minds. When things and people vanish, we instinctively want to know why. Whether investigating the curious facts surrounding the Mary Celeste or the enigmatic exit of the crew and passengers who disappeared along with the USS Cyclops, vanishings make us want to know more.


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