Friday, September 12, 2008

Get in the Zone...the NGAkids Art Zone!

These days, many administrators and educators are finally beginning to realize the value of art in learning. It's about time, too! Constructing learning experiences in which pupils are allowed and expected to be academically and artistically creative is a wise investment in improving education. For example, check out the National Gallery of Art's wildly interactive NGAkids Art Zone. It's a wonderfully robust resource where adults and students can spend time exploring the site’s excellent tools. They are specifically designed for creating online art. When combined with innovative approaches to education and interactive whiteboards like those produced by GTCO, Promethean, and SMARTBoard, learning becomes fun--almost addictive! In addition to the excellent online resources available at the National Gallery of Art is the institution's NGA Classroom (complete with featured lessons) and an Art Loan Program.

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